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Alpaca Hunting Socks | Void Wool

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Julian Champlin
Hunting and Hiking Socks are Phenomenal

I’ve had the hiking socks for over a year now and I just got a pair of the hunting socks. Both are awesome. The hiking socks work well in the summer and don’t let my feet get clammy when I’m overheating, and the hunting socks are incredibly warm. I’ve now used both for skiing and hiking and I can safely say they work better than any other pair of socks I own.

Thicker and Warmer

I own multiple pairs of VoidWool socks, love them, and use them a ton, so I was really excited to see a heavier version become available. The new hunting socks are noticeably warmer and slightly thicker, but not so bulky that my boots become too tight.

These socks are also super-soft, so while I bought them for hunting, I find myself wearing them around the house a lot just because I like how they feel.

Overall, I'm really happy with these socks and am already telling my friends about them.

Life Time Warranty
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